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April 29, 2006

Inside the Firewall Tagging Session Notes

Corprew Reed explaining a point to Dave Winer

Does behind the firewall mean enterprise?

Everyone in the room tags stuff

Is there a certain size company that can tag behind the firewall?

Can companies mesh to get a critical mass if they are small?

Background information given by Geoff.

What do we do with the tag data? How does the fact that you’re inside the enterprise change your identity?

In the enterprise, the users are MUCH more exposed.

Would like to make things private so she can tag things and not share.

Private tags in the enterprise are desired.

Tags are just metadata for content and it’s been around for 50 years.

Intranets suck.

CMS security acts as the barrier, but not a good enough barrier.

Problems with internal apps.

How many people think this would be useful? About half the room.

What capability do I get as a user? A workgroup. Sub to a topic. A link, a url and a title. This is really just blogging with a right click.

The example of PTO, Vacation and Holiday. If you are creating the synonym rings for search, you can leverage the tags to discover new terms.

Concept: delicious is an rss aggregator.

Social: need to take this into consideration.

Problem: it’s hard to explain the concept of delicious, just like TiVO. Need to get the alpha geeks to bring their friends along.

What is the business problem?

The organization defines the context of the problem.

Tags work because it’s the way people think. Hierarchies are not the way people think about categorizing stuff.

MD’s only want to see MD stuff. RNs only want to see RN stuff.

Idea of micropayment. Pay someone to tag stuff. The downside is quality.

Outlook discussion: would like to highlight and tag

Ask Buzz about Active Words

There is a problem with lots of resources not being addressable.

Idea: want to build the software through a virtual company.

The underlying problem is re-findabilty.

Delirious is an open source solution. It’s based on Python and MySQL. http://de.lirio.us/rubric

How can we get the benefits of the system?

Stock photo indexing – basically have an ad words problem. Value of keywords. They use a very limited vocabulary. He doesn’t think it

Amazon has a similar problem to the stock photo people. They have a context based search issue.

Issue about context when tagging. Is this really a problem?

Session Sunday at 10:00 RSS and OPML.

Session Sunday at 9:00 AM Penguins and taxonomy.

Session Saturday at 10:00 PM Attention and data.

Amazon knows a lot about me and should be able to figure out the context.

How about if Amazon starts looking at my blog and figures out my context?

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