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July 30, 2004

Inheritance gets Domestic Distribution

I just got this e-mail from Kris Kristensen. Congratulations Kris!

On Monday SOLITAIRE FILMS, LLC signed a domestic distribution deal with ARDUSTRY HOME ENTERTAINMENT.  The super-natural thriller INHERITANCE is scheduled to hit the shelves of video stores throughout the country on February 8, 2005.  However, there is a remote chance that the film will be released as early as November 2004.

Two versions of the film, which stars Jen Taylor (the voice of Cortana in the popular video game HALO), will be released.  An R-rated version, and an Unrated Director's Cut (due to graphic sex).  Director Kris Kristensen was thrilled that ARDUSTRY was willing to deliver an unrated edition of the film, "The scene in question is very graphic, but it's not exploitive.  I'm very grateful that ARDUSTRY is willing to retain the integrity of the film by releasing a director's cut in addition to the R-Rated version."

The film will be released on both VHS and DVD.  The DVD will contain 2 commentary tracks; by director Kris Kristensen, and one by co-writers/producers Kristensen and Brian McDonald (the team behind the award winning short film WHITE FACE), in addition to a Behind The Scenes film featuring interviews with actors Jen Taylor and Marjorie Nelson.

The release of INHERITANCE (filmed in Seattle, WA) on home video may also be supported by a nationwide tour of the film in micro-cinemas, with some members of the cast and/or crew attending.

INHERITANCE is a super-natural thriller about a young woman who struggles to retain control of her identity which she believes is being possessed by the spirit of her dead benefactress.

For more info or to see the trailer visit:

It's a great movie and a good chance to see the voice behind Cortana, from the video game HALO. Look for it in video stores soon.

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