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April 16, 2003

Websphere Install

websphere Should it really be that hard? First, it took our Keeper of the IBM Passport several months to work out with IBM the correct access rights to be able to download Websphere. After I got my hands on the software, I realized that there wasn't very much information about how to install it. Here's how I got Websphere 4.0 to work with Domino R6 on my XP laptop...

First, I installed IBM DB2 Personal Developer's Edition as the database. I saw there was an option to use Oracle, which is what we use at work, but I decided it would be safer for my experiment to go with DB2 running locally. When I install this on the sandbox server, I'll go with the Oracle option and let you know how it works out.

Next, I installed Websphere Application Server 4. I did a custom install and did not check HTTP server, because Domino will be doing that and did not select Plug-in because Domino is not an option.

I believe there is a problem with XP and DB2 and Websphere being able to validate the username and password to use for running as a service. I used my account name for DB2 and it told me it couldn't verify it, but let it move to the next install screen. Websphere didn't work until I entered the Administrator name and password.

Let's hear it for Notes Net! I found the registry setting to change so Websphere would know where the plugin-cfg.xml file is located. Add the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBM\WebSphere Application Server\4.0\Plugin Config

Value = C:\WebSphere\AppServer\config\plugin-cfg.xml

Finally, edit your Server record in the Domino Directory and add C:\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\domino5_http.dll under the Internet Protocols, HTTP tab to DSAPI filter file names.

Restart your Domino server and, with good luck from your clean living and winning attitude, you'll see "DSAPI WebSphere HTTP DSAPI Filter loaded."

After it started, I thought, "Well. Now what?" Now, it's time to get some of those cool JSP Tag Libraries that our guys have developed and see if I can make them work in our Domino environment.

Posted by michael at April 16, 2003 06:47 PM


Hi Michael,
did u succeed with the same exercise but WAS5.x and Domino 6.x (.51?)
;-) stw

Posted by: Stephan Wissel at March 27, 2004 04:59 AM